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up hill

April 1, 2013


It’s Easter, and I was reflecting on what I was doing this time last year (which was eating AMAZING Italian food in Italy)!! It was amazing, and this year I got to work for Easter and make that money! Cha-Ching! I have had a rough couple of weeks- and I feel as though I am climbing an uphill battle.  It is not always easy following your heart, and there are no short cuts.  I have been over worked, trying to get by, while simultaneously saving to some cash so i can record my next project.  I am ready to make sacrifices, which for me means my money goes to my future, not my wardrobe.  i really want to share some new tunes with you guys, and get my music out for the world to hear.  haha Timing is everything and I need to wait for things to fall into place, all the mean while be preparing for any opportunities that may come my way.  I think the main thing that I am learning through this entire process thus far is how important my mental attitude is, and that no matter what I must remain positive, hopeful and have faith.  There’s no room for doubt!

xx Mshayy

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