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First Music Video with Kosha Dillz

February 13, 2013

First Music Video with Kosha Dillz

Hey guys,

So I wanted to tell you about this cool opportunity I got this past Saturday here in LA!! Last week a friend of mine said he was playing this live show and needed a bass player, so I said I played bass and could help him.  The funny thing is that I don’t really play bass, I play guitar, but I thought this was a good opportunity to play with a artist that is established here in LA, so naturally I would do what I took to learn the tunes.  This artist is known as Kosha Dillz ( ) – he’s a super talented Jewish rapper, with a very original sound and has toured with MATISYAHU!! I love his energy, and his style, so it was a great opportunity to shoot a music video with him outside the legendary Roxy venue in LA!  What was even more dope was that the video was filmed in this pimped out van….and there’s a pretty interesting story behind this van as well! This van has traveled all over the United States featuring and recording music videos for hundreds of independent artists.  It’s a way to promote cool music, and it was awesome to play in the van! Super grateful for the opportunity, and my next goal to to perform my original songs in the van!!!! 

i will post pics and the video footage SOON!!!!

XOXO #followyourheart, 



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