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Follow Your Dream

November 22, 2012

 Hey World,

So I am on a journey to become a career renegade and FOLLOW MY DREAM of becoming financially successful singer/songwriter, and I want to blog to you about this journey and what it takes on a day to day grind.  I’m at the beginning and I want to share this experience with you, all the ups the downs, the highs and the lows.  I hope this will inspire someone to follow their dream, and realize all the fears, and doubts can be crushed!!!! (I hope so at least 😉 

Anyway… my first step toward achieving my this dream was to quit my day job! Whee, YES I DID IT! I quit the 9-5 job, and I got a job at a upscale Italian restaurant.  The thought behind this decision was to make more time in my life for my passion, and less time for things that I don’t like to do.  I needed more time and energy to play, and write, and only working 5 hours a day will afford me this luxury.    

The second step I took was to come up with a 45 minute set to start performing my original tunes at local venues in throughout the twin cities.  In the past two months I have performed at a variety of venues including; The Nomad World Pub, The Blue Nile, Nina’s Coffee, Claddagh Coffee, Artist Quarter, Honey Mpls, and The Wild Times Cafe!  I hope to gradually increase this list!  

Throughout these blog entries, I want to include my emotional process as well, because it’s been my attitude of positivity and strength that I believe that has allowed me to really achieve these goals along the way.  So how did I have the balls to quit my day job you may ask?  Well, It was a respected mentor in my industry that sat me down and believed in me, and told me I was good enough.  Left to my own devices, I would have not believed in my self enough to make that decision, so I am grateful for those people in my life that I believe were placed in my life for a reason.  So I guess I saw a sign and decided to follow the message, and that’s how I quit the job!

Well, today is thanksgiving, and I gotta get my eat on! Will check in soon!

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  1. mike permalink
    November 23, 2012 12:30 am

    I like your ambition and vision

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