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March 26, 2012


So I have 2 months left in Spain, and I want to take advantage of my time left here.  Thus far, I have done ALOT of traveling, and I am getting a little burnt out.  haha (can you believe that?!?!) Let me tell ya, traveling really takes it out of you…I just got back from 5 days in Barcelona, and I spent about 5 days recovering from the trip.  However, I do plan on taking one more trip to Italy next week, and I think that will be it for me, as far as my traveling goes.   I want my last trip to Italy to be as relaxing as possible, spend some quality time with my friend Gabe and his family!

Anyway…back to Spain! As for my time left here in Spain, I want to make it a priroty to go to the beach every Saturday, and soak up some sun! I also want to learn to cook some Spanish dishes, buy some great presents for my family, go to feria in Jerez, do some personal/spiritual journaling, meet some people, eat a new tapa/week, spend time with my friends I met here in Spain, go to Ronda (another white village), and work out all the guitar charts for the tunes on my new album!

Cheers till next time,


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