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Spanish Food Buying Segment 1

March 1, 2012

I want to do some segments on shopping for food in Spain, because I thought it would be interesting to document the different ways people in Spain buy their food.  I have discovered 4 different types of ways to obtain in season foods while living here in Spain.  First of all, I should let you know that the produce for sale at majority of these vendors are ONLY foods in season.  Only in the past couple weeks have strawberries been for sale, because they don’t grow strawberries in the winter.  Anyway… the first and most accessable way you can buy food is from a large chain grocery store that sells pretty much everything you would need to cook the Spanish cuisine.  One of the most popular chains is called The Mercadona, and it’s also located in the town I live in! The second popular to buy food would be from the local shops designed to specialize in different types of food.  For example, if you want fish, go to the local fish shop, it you want candy, go to the sweet shop where they ONLY sell candy and other sweets.  These shops are dispursed at different locations all throughout the town.  The next way you can obtain speciality food is at a corner store, which is a little grocery store, with a lesser variety than a Mercadona.

The forth way to buy food is from the Municiple Enclosed/Semi-indoor Markets.  This Blog entry will be highlighting this particualar type of Market.  From what I have discovered there are two local municiple markets in my town, one which is located in the center, and the other is located in the old town.  Food markets are different then corner stores, and food shops that you can also buy food from because they are assembled in the morning, and disassembled before siesta, and they are designed in a square shape with stalls of food around the plaza.  It’s AMAZING to me, that they set up there indoor food stalls, and take them down all in the same day, because that must take ALOT of work.  Below are pictures of the different stalls they feature in my Market.

This is a picture of the enterance into the market, it’s very low key…which is why I passed by it for several months before realizing it even exsisted!


Entering the door way.



The local fruit and veggie stall in the market!


The fresh meat/butcher stall in the market!


The variety stall with pasteries, olive oil and other cooking essentials.



The fresh fish stall in the Market..


Another fruteria! WOW the competition!!


Another meat stall….


Hope you can get an idea of this type of market…..I will be featuring the corner store market for the next segment!

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