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Dublin continued….

February 25, 2012

My friend is going to Dublin this summer so I wanted to write a more in-depth blog about the city! Dublin is super easy to navigate, and you can basically walk around the whole city by foot, or metro.  There’s the Liffey river that runs through the city, and I was very lucky because I pretty much stayed in the center, on the river.  It was a great location that was by the famous “Temple Bar” area where all the touristy pubs are located.  I walked through the temple bar area, but did not like the whole drunken college scene, so browsing through was sufficient, because I really enjoyed the street performers with their Irish flutes.  The first night we checked out the Trinity College campus.  It’s a really old university with a beautiful campus.  I think it might be cool to check out a tour of the school, because by browsing through you don’t really get the full effect of the schools history and all that jazz. *Just a suggestion.  On my trip I spent a a lot of time in the area south of Trinity College.  This location is where the National Gallery, and the Library are located.  Def go to the National Gallery, it’s freeee and they feature some brilliant Irish painters with amazing landscape works of art.  There are some other famous painting sprinkled in the mix from Picasso and Monet as well, so it’s def worth the trip! I also really enjoyed the Yeats exhibition in the downstairs part of the National Library.  There are free tours of the exhibit, which I didn’t go on, but again I think it would be interesting.  The movie playing about his life was interesting, you could say he was a “hopeless romantic”.

Parks:  There are lots of little green parks throughout the city.  I was there this winter and it was pretty cold, so I only went to 2 parks.  St Stephens Green Park and the Irish Gardens.  St Stephens park was very quaint, and there was a little pond with ducks in the middle.  I am sure during the summer time the parks are even more lovely.

The Irish Gardens are located in the back of the Irish Modern Museum of Art.  I believe this particular garden was restored to the original design of the 17th century.  Again, it is very quant, and there are some great sculptures in the Garden as well.

I would have loved to go explore the Phoenix Park, but it was sooo cold.

Music: Soo I was under the assumption that every pub would have live music.  Not true.  There were some pubs with music, however there was a cover charge of 10 euros.  So, if you can afford the cover charge, check out some music, and let me know how it was.  I do have a friend who recommended this pub with live music, it’s called: Johnnie Fox’s.  I googled mapped it, and it a bit outside of the city, but I think it would be worth the trip.

Cathedrals: They are everywhere, and they are beautiful.  Explore the insides! haha

Hope this highlighted overview can help anyone who may want to, or is traveling to Dublin.  If you get to Ireland, I would suggest exploring the country side, I wish I could have done that!

Cheers Mate, xxM

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  1. February 25, 2012 12:14 pm

    Great post, very informative! 🙂

    The Stag’s Head Pub has free live music and is in the city centre!

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