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arcos itinerary

February 25, 2012

HEY!! Sooo if ANYONE decides to ever visit me in the south of spain I have put together an itinerary for people to hopefully get excited and inspired to visit me in the south of Espana.

US—->Seville, Spain it is best to fly into Seville, which is the closest international airport to where my town in located (about 1 hour north of Arcos de la Frontera)

After arriving in Seville, we could spend 2 days exploring this beautiful city.  Seville is known as “The heart of Spain” and it truly emulates the culture of the South of Spain! In Seville we will go to the Plaza de Espana, which is a beautiful outdoor plaza, with a fountain in the middle, and huge buildings surrounding the edges, which resemble beautiful Spanish Renaissance architecture.  There are other main tourist attractions, such as the Cathedral in Seville that we could take pictures of as well.  I personally think the best part of Seville is walking around the city.  Seville has a circular city center, with very narrow winding allies that have lots of shops and restaurants to explore.  It’s great to just sit at a cafe, eat some tapas, have a drink and enjoy the people watching. After the morning exploration we would go back to the hotel and take a siesta.  After a siesta we could go to a Flamenco Show in the evening, and grab Tapa’s afterward.  Next stop—–> Arcos de la Frontera

There is a direct bus from Seville to Arcos that takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes.  Another option is to rent a car, which is relatively cheap.  During your stay in Arcos, (mom and dad) there’s a perfect hotel located in the city center, that serves breakfast everyday.

Things to see in Arcos:  First stop Old town! First of all Arcos is VERY hilly, and old town is on the highest point of the town with two beautiful churches located at the top.  We can get cookies from the nuns in one of the churches in old town, and we can grab a coffee at a cafe during the day.  It’s simply lovely to see the view from the top of old town looking over the country side, and the white towns below.  Also in the center of the old town during the morning there is a food market, where you can buy meat from the butcher, fish from the seafood stand, fruit from the fruteria, and sweets from the sweet shop.  Makes perfect sence right?  Another cool thing to do is look in the stores that are filled with ceramic dishes, tiles, and souvenirs.  During the evening we have a couple of restaurant options in old town to eat tapas for dinner and have drinks, so I will take you there as well.

The center of Arcos:  The center is a 10 minute walk from my house, and there are cool shoe shops to browse in, and it’s cool to check out the lifestyle of the down town so to speak.    There’s also a good restaurant in the center, and we can grab Tapas from there for lunch!  I will be making sure we are getting a great selection of Tapas while you are in Spain, and don’t worry, it’s REALLY cheap here, and the food is great quality!  (not like in the US)

I can also just give you a tour of my day-to-day lifestyle, show you where my school is, where the grocery store is located, and of course the tour of my house!!! Also, there’s a fabulos dance studio to learn flamenco or salsa, that would be fun to go to as well!

Arcos is a relatively small town, so we gotta visit some other places in Andalusia as well! Would love to bring you to the beach in Cadiz, go to a Bodega in Jerez, and visit Ronda, which is another beautiful white village close to Arcos!  This is an experience of a lifetime….what are you waiting for?!?!!?? Venga, Vamos!



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