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Mission Accomplished. Paella Recipe.

February 24, 2012

The longer I stay in Spain, the more I am amazed by the grand experiences I have.  Somehow by osmosis, I find my self stumbling upon great people, great places, and great FOOD! So a goal of mine while I am in Spain is to be able to take back with me a part of what I learned here in Spain.  Primarily, I want to be able to adopt a part of the culture here, and carry it with me wherever I go, whether that be through dancing, speaking the language, or learning how to cook the food.  This past week at school I was fortunate enough to observe a Spaniard at my school making paella from scratch for the whole staff of our school.  I have been told by my teacher, that Fernando, (the guy who makes the paella) is the best paella cook in my town!!! Dios Mio…I was ecstatic, because now I can reveal to all of you the recipe of real, authentic paella! It was amazing, and when I get back to the states I will be making it for all my friends and family!

Here’s the step by step process I observed of Brilliant Paella making!!!!

Step 1: Lots of oil in the paella pan.

Step 2: add roughly chopped onions, green peppers, and garlic

Step 3: add chopped tomatoes

Step 4: add saffron (it’s a spice that gives the paella that brilliant yellow/orange color)

Step 5: add the water that seafood was cooked in (essentially broth of mussels, clams, sea shells)

Step 6: add lots of water to the pan

Step 7: add sea salt

Step 8: add frozen peas (at this point wait a little while and let all the ingredients simmer in the pan while occasionally stirring)

Step 9: add cooked clams, mussels, and raw shrimp

Step 10: add MORE water to the pan (keep stirring, the ingredients sit and cook, while keeping the heat at medium high temperature)

Step 11: add MORE water, along with the specific rice…..

Mix it all up, and wait…..

I would have never guessed how lovely this combination of food would turn out to be, the flavors are sooo delicious, and the wait is worth every satisfying bite!  Some serious paella making is going down in June!

it’s funna be fresh to death!

Cheers, xxM.Shay

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