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Día de la Comida en España

February 23, 2012

I must say everyday in Spain is an adventure.  I just never know what is going to happen on any given day in this country.  I love the new experiences, and living abroad makes life seem like anything is possible at any given moment.  It’s a beautiful feeling, and I think I’m addicted!!! haha Anyway….today I went to school, and as my first hour class was ending, suddenly a teacher came rushing into the classroom looking for her camera.  I could hear people in the hallways of my school, and I asked my co-teacher what was going on.  She told me that today is the “food day celebration” in Spain.  How cool right??? I love food, and better yet, I love Spanish food.  Spanish people have so much pride in their culture, and the food of Spain is a large part of their culture, so it makes sence that they would have a day to celebrate their wonderful comida!

Here’s a recap of the “food celebration” in the school today!


The kids are patiently waiting for their tapas, while the Mothers prep the food.


First Step was to set the tables, and grab their beverages.


The Mothers prepared, and brought the food, which included; queso, ham, Olives, white bread for sandwiches, Tortilla Espanola, and tomatoes with olive oil.


Picture of the Moms cutting the homemade Tortilla.  Tortilla is a very common Tapa in Spain, made from potatoes and eggs.  Super simple, but soooo delicious!



Tortilla finally prepared, with a ketchup smiley face! How cute!!


My student Claudia, anticipating the wonderful tapas!! She’s so excited!!


The kids making pinchos, and bocadillos.



A beautiful Pincho assembled by my student!


The food celebration was a success, and the kids loved sharing tapas, and celebrating the food of their culture!

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