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Carnival in Spain

February 19, 2012

It’s Carnival time in Spain! This is an exciting time of year, and I am still trying to make semblance of what all this carnival business is all about.  From what I can tell on an external level, the carnival seems to be about one BIG fiesta where people dress up in costumes and party on the streets, and where groups of chirigotas sing satiric songs about politics and topics in Spanish that are way past any sort of comprehension I can retain.  Every year in Cadiz, all the different singing groups compete in an “Official Contest” for the best singing satirical group of the year.  This competition is broadcasted all over Spain, and it’s a big deal!

Here’s a great group that I found on youtube click here to listen!

Another awesome aspect is the costumes on the street that I have seen! They really seem to put wayy more effort into their costumes them Americans do during Halloween, and I have been throughly impressed with all the costumes I have seen!  I really hope to gain some more insight from the Spanish people about this crazy, mysterious 2 week-long celebration here in Spain……

More is yet to be revealed, until next time….




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