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Dubby Dub, Ireland

February 16, 2012

The other weekend I went to Dublin!! I had a grand time, and did all the usual touristy things one does while traveling.  The pub culture rules the night life in Dublin, and it was great to eat some good pub food that I can’t get in Spain.  It’s easy to navigate the whole city, and everything is fairly accessible on foot.  If anyone ever make it there def check out the national gallery, it’s filled with some great landscape works of art, and the gallery is free.  While I was in Ireland I learned my last name McGovern means “summer”, and the McGovern motto is to “Make Haste”!  i snapped some pics from the places I explored, check em out below!

Bar called “Speak Easy” (the DJ plays very indie/alternative music)


Landscape work of art at the national gallery.  This piece was one of my favs! I think it represents the power, and beauty of mother nature.


McGovern history!


Another work of Art by an Irish artist at the National Gallery.  Love this piece too, the children are playing pretend in the street!


Very abstract piece, and if you look close you can see it’s a picture of an army, and there’s a solider riding a horse in the picture! You gotta work for this one!


Irish Gardens!

20120212-181039.jpgcathedral! One of many in Ireland!


20120212-181106.jpgBeautiful Bridge!

20120212-181120.jpgPresent for my Mom! She makes the best everrrr Irish Stew! Love you Mom!

20120212-181129.jpgfountain in the Irish Gardens!


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