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What my Kids teach me!

January 19, 2012

As most of you know, I’m teaching English at an elementary school in Spain.  I teach 3-7 year olds, and it takes A LOT of energy.  As the school year passes by I become more comfortable with the kids, and teaching in front of the class.  Honestly, I can tell you my main motivation for moving to Spain was not to teach English, it was to travel (and escape the cold Minnesota winter) DUH! However, the more time I spend with the kids, the more time I realize how much I actually enjoy going to school to play with them.  They are so FUN!!! Although I must admit there have been times throughout the year where I’m on my way to school, totally absorbed in my own problems, thinking to my self, “I can’t wait to get home and be alone,” but all those thoughts vanish the moment I walk into the classroom and I see all their smiling faces, eager to learn, and eager to play.  They truly do make me happy.  My kids continue to teach me on a daily basis how to not only live life, but ENJOY life to the fullest.  By watching them learn, it has in return taught me how to learn.  When I was in college, I was so terrified of not succeeding in life, and not being able to learn all the information that was required of us and it was enough to take all the fun out of almost the entire experience.  Essentially, my insecure thought process was working against me.  I had put an enormous amount of pressure on my self, and as a result, I got burnt out, and temporarily lost my passion for music.  My kids are soooo much different, when were learning they don’t have that internal judgemental criticism, which allows them to relax and simply learn the words I teach them.  Sometimes they remember, other times that don’t and it’s OKAY; they still have fun doing the lessons, drawing the pictures, and singing songs in English.  I think because they are not living in a fear based mentality, they are better able to remember words, and most importantly they are ENJOYING learning.  It’s a beautiful thing to watch my kids learn while having fun.  It’s crazy how you can find answers and learn lessons in the most unexpected places, and for that I am truly grateful.

This week in class I brought my guitar, and all week-long I sang songs to the children.  It was very rewarding to bring a little joy in their day by playing and singing music.  At the start of the second semester, I readjusted my priorities and the Kids were at the top of the list, traveling was second.  I want to continue my goal of incorporating music in their English curriculum, and this week was a great kick start! This week we learned:

Old MacDonald had a farm, twinle twinkle little star, the ABC’s, Head Shoulders Knees and Toes, and Days of the week!

Next week maybe I will play some Beatles tunes!

One last thought: When they are happy they laugh, when they are sad they cry, and when they need help they ask, we could all learn alittle something from kids!



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