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Belgium Chocolate!

January 8, 2012

So I have been traveling the past couple weeks, and my last stop was Belgium! It was a great way to end my European christmas holiday travels, because Belgium is pretty laid back compared to London and Paris!  First stop in Belgium was Brugge.  Brugge is a magical town, but I must say it’s a tourist trap.  All the pubs, and restaurants are overpriced, so be prepared to spend 13 euro on lunch! Although it may be overpriced, I must say it’s absolutely beautiful, and it’s very easy to navigate.  Brugge took my hostel V card, because it was the first time I stayed in a hostel.  I was very nervous. but things at the facilities for the most part were functional.  Every night I slept with my purse, and used it as a teddy bear substitute! I am crazy paranoid, and I would like to say the only thing missing from my entire trip was my bobble water bottle.  It disappeared from my hostel room the first night, which was entirely disheartening.  Other than that I did not lose anything, or get robbed.  It’s stressful traveling in bigger cities, because people pray on naive tourist, and will rob them at any opportunity possible especially at train stations, so I had to be very vigilant about keep track of my personal belongings.  On the plus side of traveling in the winter time, it is the off-season, and I only ran into two other Americans who were studying in Europe, and everyone else was from all over the world.  I must say I met some very interesting, intelligent people in Belgium! In Brugge my second night, my friend and I met a guy who studies 20th century English literature in Oxford, England.  We chatted in night away with very intellectually simulating conversations about literature, life, and travels!  Other highlights of Brugge were the free chocolate samples at the chocolate stores, and the delicious Belgium waffles!! Yummmm….I can tell you from first hand experience there waffle are not overrated in the slightest bit, best I’ve ever had in my life!

The last part of the trip to Belgium I spent in Brussels.  Thankfully I had a local to show me around the city fo Brussels, because with out my local tour guide, I think I would have passed by a lot of cool galleries! Brussels has some great local galleries that feature independent artists from all over the world.  I also went to a larger museum, that was featuring a Brazilian art/photography/musical/cultural exhibit.  The Brazilian exhibit was amazing, and the photography was uplifting and visually pleasing.  Although the weather was stormy, we managed to walk all around the city and see the sights.  There is beautiful gothic architecture in Belgium, and the massive cathedrals definitely reflect this gothic architecture.  My travels in Belgium will forever be locked in my memory, because I did not take many pictures, which in a way I am grateful for, because I spent my time, really absorbing the beauty of the wonderful sights.

By the time my last day arrived in Belgium, I was so ready to come back to Spain.  It really does feel great to be back in Arcos!



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