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Roma, Italy continued

December 4, 2011

Day by day recap:

Friday December 2nd:
Friday morning I woke up very early, because I was so excited to explore Rome! I felt like a kid again on Christmas morning, except the whole city was my playground, and all the amazing Roman sights were my presents. I got dressed and stepped outside the apartment into the center of Rome. My plan was to take pictures with no tourist standing in my way….just me, the local city cleaners, a few pigeons and the sights!! My first stop was the piazza Navona….and the place was empty of any tourists!!! It was like a ghost town. The fountain was so magical and surreal with water spouting out of several of the statues. After getting some good pictures with my iPhone, I decided to move onto the Pantheon. When I got to the Pantheon there was no one standing in front of the building so I was able to get a great shot on my iPhone as well. My stay was short at the Pantheon, because I was really excited to get see the Trevi Fountain! The Trevi fountain is Rome’s largest fountain, and you can throw a coin in the fountain to ensure your return to the eternal city. (I forgot to throw a coin) oops! When I got to the Trevi Fountain the city workers were collecting the coins in the fountain with a vacuum that sucked up the money. Apparently some 3,000 euros is collected everyday and all the money is donated to charity. Pretty cool. :). Next stop was the Spanish Steps, which is Rome’s most favorite perch. Tons of people chill on the steps, and give their walking legs a rest there. It is usually packed with people all day, but I was lucky enough to get a picture of the steps empty!! If anyone plans to get to Rome, it would be a good idea to get up early, and take some pics of the city! Later that evening when my cousin got home from work we walked to St Peters Basilica located in Vatican City, and took some more pictures. It was one of the biggest churches I have ever seen! It was HUGE and also it was very beautiful at night! Our next destination was Gelato….at this famous Gelataria. Oh….My….God….the flavors, the taste, the homemade whip creama on top….heaven. Simply heaven. I think for the rest of my life I will be dreaming of Gelato. That evening we went out to dinner at the hard rock cafe with my cousins co workers along with the parents of the children at the school of where she teaches. It was fun to meet some Italian mothers, and meet the other teachers at the school as well. Also, it was the first time I ate American food in almost 5 months!!  I got the chicken nachos.  (Just in case you’re wondering Mexican food is WAY different then Spanish food).

TIPS for TRAVELS:  *Wake up very early (6:30am), get a cappuccino, and go to the famous destinations in the city center and take some pictures.  You won’t regret it, I promise!

*Also, the first week of December is a brilliant time to travel to Rome, with all the Christmas decorations, and the city is not that cold.

Saturday December 3rd:
Gotta start every morning in Italy off right with a cappuccino, and a chocolate croissant at the local cafe in the city center. Our events for the day included going to Victor Emmanuel Monument where there was a spectacular view of the whole city, after that we made our way into the Roman Forum, and the Colosseum! It was so cool to actually be walking around the ancient monument of the Colosseum where the first Gladiatorial games were played. The roman forum was really interesting to see where the ancient Romans conducted their government and society. I do not regret paying to go into the forum or the Colosseum, but I do regret paying for the audio guide, it was shitty and not worth the money. After we bad been walking around all day we were starving, and craving pizza and pasta. Luckily we made perfect timing because the moment we sat down at the restaurant it started to down pour. We were happily under shelter outside sitting at a cafe under cozy heaters eating pizza and pasta! After our meal we took a shot of espresso and headed back to the house to relax before we went out for the evening. The rest of the evening was amazing, we stumbled upon a chocolate festival and ate gourmet chocolate and Sicilian cannolies. After the chocolate festival we ate pizza for dinner at a restaurant close by. We met these two Italian men who were dining next to us and they happily shared all their food with us, not to mention they bought us tiramisu for dessert! The language barrier is always a challenge, but it can make the evening all the more interesting and exhilarating. After dinner we went to a local bar in the neighborhood, listened to good music and chatted the night away with interesting characters from all over the world.

TIPS for TRAVEL: *Bring very good walking shoes, your feet will hurt if you don’t.

*Goto the Victor Emmanuel Monument and walk to the top of the stairs.  The view is amazing.

*Must remember to start your day off with a chocolate croissant and a cappuccino.  (preferably before 10am, because Italians don’t have cappuccino’s after 10am, only shots of coffee after 10am)

Check out my pics! Thanks














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  1. December 5, 2011 1:47 am

    haha, awesome – looks incredible – and makes me super hungry for dessert!

    “stumbled onto a chocolate festival” – ha! lucky is an understatement ~

    safetravels and such

  2. December 6, 2011 10:38 am

    OMG seriously! get to rome, it’s one of the most amazing citys, espically during Christmas time, and I wore a sweater the whole time practically! Mmm yeah the chocolate festival was amaze! I was lucky!!

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