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Roma, Italy

December 3, 2011

Hey hey, I’m at the circus cafe drinking an Italian macchiato in the center of Roma, so I thought this would be a good time to catch up on my Blog and update you about my adventures in Rome! Soo Thursday afternoon I arrived in Roma at 12:30pm. From the airport I took a shuttle bus to Termini train station, and had a wonderful tour of the city on the bus. The major airport in Rome in about 30 min outside the city, so it was amazing to finally enter the city passing by the colosseum, the roman forum ruins, and some see with my own eyes the spectacular sight in real life! When I finally arrived to Termini station, the first thing on my mind was finding a cafe to get a shot or two of espresso, because I was going on 4 hours of sleep from the night before. I found a cafe, took some shots, and trudged on my merry way to a near by park, while carrying my heavy backpack. I was a little indecisive as to where to go from there because I had nearly 5 hours to pass before my cousin got off work. I finally decided to walk to the northern area of the city which is called Villa Borghese. It a cool area which has a big park, so I thought I would munch on my nuts, and read a book in the park. WOW….so walking there nearly took me an hour, and I was really tired of carrying my bag around by this time, so it was a relief when I posted up at the park bench! After my park adventure I headed to the city center of Rome to meet my cousin at the Piazza Novona. Seriously, this fountain was breathtaking. During Christmas time the Piazza Novona is taken over by market stalls selling all manner of seasonal goodies, from christmas ornaments to coin purses. It is a spectacular sight to behold. What’s even more awesome is my cousin lives a couple blocks from the Piazza Novona!!!! Her apartment is so cute, so cute, so quant, so cozy, and has a Tuscan Italian interior design. That evening we had a really chill night, ate out at a local restaurant in the neighborhood, and had gelato for dessert. More to come about my travels in Italy




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