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My weekend in El Bosque (The Forest)

November 28, 2011

Today was a great day!  It was one of those magical days where I found my-self thinking ‘I am so lucky to be having such an amazing experience’.  I woke up at 9:40 am, drank some instant coffee, and ate a chocolate crossiant.  Before heading out the door in my tennis shoes I swigged some water and walked to the bottom of the stairs to meet up with some pals to go hiking in El Bosque (the forest).  My Spanish friend Andres picked us up, and we drove to a smaller town about 20 km from Arcos.  Thankfully I was with Spanish people who showed us the way in the forest.  We walked on a very beautiful path that was along a stream running through the mountians.  The path was relatively easy to walk along, and it even had stairs to walk down through some of the steep hills.  We leisurely strolled across the bridges over the streams, taking in the fresh forest air and enjoying the morning sunshine.  One of the great things about doing activities with Spanish people is that you get to converse about one anothers cultures.  You can ask questions about Spain, about the animals in the forest, about the small towns, and they can ask you questions about where you are from, and what it’s like in the states.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to get to know eachother better, and practice the Spanish language.  I had a great time on the hike, but I was happy when we finally arrived at the end of the trail, into a small town where we decided to stop for lunch.  Surprisingly, there was a big festival in the town when we arrived.  I guess on this particular day they had a reenactment of the Spanish war against the French and there were people dressed as soliders in the street, and shooting rifle guns off everywhere.  The women were dressed in traditional clothing from the 17th century wearing long skirts, and scarfs around their shoulders.  It was a big celebration in the entire town, totally unexpected, but usually the best things in life are–at least that is what I’m discovering.  Eventually, we all sat down for lunch at a table on the patio.  The sun was shining, the guns were blasting, and I was very hungry at this point.  The Spanish do not rush there social time.  Lunch is the biggest meal of the day, and we dined outside for four hours! I ate chicken, wild boar, other meats, fries, croquettes, and lots of pan (bread).  I had a great time with my friends this afternoon, and it is days like today that so gracefully remind me of why I moved to Spain.  I experience a different way of life, a lifestyle so different from my own and it’s expanding my mind.  I have never ate a 4 hour lunch, and it’s amazing how the time flies when your with Spanish people.  Nothing else matters except the present moment, they live for today, and they always have a great time!

I am grateful to be exeriencing the good times with the Spaniards! Lovin it!


M.Shay – pics coming soon

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