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Rainy weekend. Thoughts of gratitude. Happy Turkey Day :)

November 19, 2011


Right now it’s raining outside, and the weather forecast says it will continue to rain for the rest of the weekend.  This means I can spend my weekend relaxing under the covers, and for that I am grateful!!  Speaking of gratitude, it’s approaching Thanksgiving and it’s so crazy to me how fast time flies.  Thanksgiving is a truly American holiday, and they do not celebrate Thanksgiving here in Spain and I am missing it here already.   Funny enough, growing up the thanksgiving holiday celebration was never my favorite holiday.  For some reason, it felt heavy and depressing.  haha I always ate way to much food, never watched the football game, and was bored by the end of the evening from sitting around on my butt all day.  I mean…where are all the presents, where are the fireworks, where is all the excitement?  Thanksgiving seemed dull compared to other holidays in my ungrateful, adolescent mind.  However, as I age my perceptions have throughly changed about this holiday.  The past two years I have been away from home on the Thanksgiving holiday and that has definitely contributed immensely to the change in my perception.  Times are changing, I am growing up, and that means moving away from home, having different experiences, and celebrating the holidays with new friends who have become my family.  Last year I was in New York at my best friends families house in up state NY, and this year I will be here in Spain with no turkeyyy!!!! Dios Mio, this surely makes me miss my Mother’s amazing thanksgiving meal, and it makes me very grateful for the wonderful holiday.  As a matter of fact I am officially declaring thanksgiving is my favorite holiday this year.  (maybe it will change next year) haha My Mothers family has a meal later in the evening, dinner is served at 7pm, because it allows for my relatives to visit their in-laws homes during the day.  I have been told by all my cousins, that they make sure to not stuff themselves during the daytime thanksgiving lunch at their other families houses, because the food my Mother cooks at our house is simply the best!  My Mom is a great chef, from the turkey to the side dishes.  My grandmother makes the most AMAZING mashed potatoes, and my aunts bring the best cookies, and salad!  Along with the delicious food the energy, and spirit of love that fills the house is truly amazing.  My Mom always makes sure to invite people who don’t have families to celebrate with to join us at our house! The community, the friend and family make it a wonderfuly cozy experience.  The last major factor contributing to my gradual love for this holiday has been the plunge of the economy over the past couple years.  I have realized Happiness does not come from material objects.  Happiness comes from great friendships and relationships with people, happiness is about being grateful for the simple pleasures in life, happiness is about being greatful to share an awesome meal with your friends and family.  Happiness is about liking what you have, and being appreciative for your good health.

My Mother’s favortie holiday has always been thanksgiving, and she has passed on her perceptions and tradtions to me, however it has only been in the last couple years that I share her love of this truly American holiday! Thanks Mom! Love YOU! Check out my Mom’s menu below!!!

Below is our McGovern Family’s Thanksgiving Menu:

Gobble Gobble  Feeds 25-30 people

21 pound Turkey Marinated with Orange Grand Marnier, Orangejuice, lemon rind rosemary, shallots, sage, and a variety of my mothers special herbs and of course quality white wine to balance the flavors

Dressing or the stuffing Classic American – Herbs all the classics – rosemary thyme sage – day old bread eggs chicken broth, seasonings and brush the top with butter so its crunchy on the top and mushy in the middle

Cranberries – this is a must – real cranberries sour and sweet= take fresh and sweat this down with water and add lemon juice sugar orange juice, lemon zest a sprig of rosemary and cinnamon and nutmeg –whole cinnamon stick ..

Okay The Sides are Big:

Carrots with Ginger Brussel sprouts

Mashed Potatoes

Sweet potatoes

Little baby Peas with pearl onions

PIES: Pumpkin pie, Apple pie, and Pecan pie with whipped cream and ice cream

Peace, Love and have a happy Thanksgiving everyone!



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  1. Ed Starr permalink
    November 23, 2011 8:23 pm

    Hi, Ms. Shay, this is Ed. It is a joy to read the mature thoughts you express. During the maturation process others around you can actually watch it develop and that is what we enjoy so much. Your willingness to open yourself to those around you is most pleasing and is a sure sign that you have passed by many other adults in your growth. Congratulations.

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