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Daily food

November 18, 2011

Every so often it really hits me that I’m actually living in Spain, and I get a surge of inspiration where I feel like I must practice my Spanish by going to the local flea market and asking the vendors questions, or perhaps I feel the urge to walk to the church in the old town and buy cookies from the nuns.  This sensation hits me at sporadic moments throughout the day, and usually on a bi-daily basis.  Today while I was eating lunch the inspiration was sparked by the meal I was eating, and then I reflected on the meal that I ate for breakfast, which further intensified my excitement, because I was eating real spanish meals, and then I realized that I am truly adapting to the food and the way of life here in Spain!!! This sensation is always preceded by the thought…OMG I’M FUCKING LIVING IN SPAIN!  For breakfast I had a cafe solo (no milk) with azucar (sugar) and I also ate a tostada with butter and strawberry jam.  My fellow pals ate bocadillos for their breakfast, which are white baguette’s with a certain type of meat in the middle!  For lunch I ate olives, crackers with goats milk cheese and honey, and vanilla wafers.  It’s now 5:30pm, I’m having an afternoon pick me up cafe (instant coffee with cinnamon) because I just got up from a one hour siesta..which pretty much sums up the good life.  I have every Friday off, it feels good to relax, lay in my bed and blog about the little pleasures I experience while I’m here living in Spain!

Cheers….till next time,


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