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Daily life

November 10, 2011

Hey hey,

So by now I have started to really settle into my daily life in Arcos. I have met many, many very kind, warm Spanish people, along with wayy to many friendly Spanish men. The people here are all so nice, so patient with my Spanish (or lack of), so helpful, and so giving. It’s crazy, I really don’t feel like I could give back enough. I love my teachers at school, my boss, my roommates, and of course all the children!!!!! The kids are sooo cute, funny, loving, shy, and eager to play and learn. My schedule is quickly filling up, I have a private lesson on Monday nights, I have an english/spanish exchange with one of my teachers on Tuesday nights, followed by a weekly meeting, I have intercambio on Wednesday nights, and I have another meeting on Friday nights! whew…I am becoming busy, and who would have thought in such a small amount of time, in such a small town! WOW! I have also been going out with friends and watching soccer games in the sport bars, futbol (soccer) is a big deal here, so it’s nice to watch a match in a cozy bar drinking hot chocolate with some pals. This week I will hopefully go to Cadiz, and get together with a Spanish pal to have an english/spanish exchange. Oh oh, not to be too schizophrenic, but I forgot to mention I am training to run a half marathon in Barcelona in february, which I am excited about as well! I have a couple of months to prepare, this will be my first race and I’m hoping my adrenaline will keep me going, along with my ipod tunes!

The fall season has finally arrived, and the weather is getting a little chilly. (by chilly i mean the 60’s) Although at night it gets to about 55 degrees. To my defense the past couple months have in the 90’s almost every day, so the 60’s is comparatively chilly by Spanish standards. I’m not complaining, because I could be bearing the 30 degree weather in MN right now, soooo I’m loving this weather! I have been going on runs quite frequently, and the crisp fall air feels refreshing, although it’s still warm enough to really work up a sweat by the end of my run! It’s a perfect combination of cold and warm if that makes sense. I think the fact that I am LIVING here has started to really sink in, until now it really just felt like I was visiting. I am so thankful to be living in such a nice town, where I can explore the old part of town with the beautiful churches at the top of the hill any day of the week I want! I feel so blessed and lucky!!!

Life is good, I play songs, I write songs, I run…..that makes me happy 🙂

I am about to head out for my run right now,

until next time,




















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