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November 7, 2011

There are so so many places that I want to go to, but I have to pull in the realistic reins and start to make some serious travel plans before time passes me by!  First off, at the beginning of December we have pretty big break, and I am planning on going to Ireland December 8-12th.  I think it would be lovely to see Dublin during Christmas time, cozy up in a pub, watch live music and sip hot chocolate.   I gotta get back to my Irish roots and check out my homeland away from home.  It will be very cold I imagine compared to Spain, but I could use the cold weather to kick my ass a bit, remind me how much I am NOT missing the cold weather at home!! I have not done much research on Dublin in the winter, but I think I read somewhere that they have wonderful Christmas lights up everywhere in the city so that should be a nice reminder of the Christmas spirit

So…as far as my Christmas break is concerned, I am flying to London on December 22nd, and spending Christmas in the cotswolds (English country side) coming back to London, and spending the 26-29th in London!  From London, I will be taking the famous eurostar train to Paris, and I have not decided if I want to stay in New Years for Paris or not…we shall see…I guess it all depends on the money situation.  In Paris I hope to stay at a cheap, cute, boutique hotel, or perhaps a bed and breakfast because those are really cheap as well and you get a free meal.  In Paris I don’t have any set destinations, except for the Louvre Museum!!! I have the digital iphone application and it would be nice to view the pictures in real life, instead of by a 3D image on my iphone.  Actually, now that I think of it I really want to go to The Musée d’Orsay and see the impressionist artwork! What a sight to behold, and in the very place that it all originated! I just can’t believe this could actually happen, it’s crazy.  Anyway…

from Paris, I will be flying to Madrid, gotta check out the museums there, and explore the city, the tapas, the nightlife….

I’m super excited!!! Who’s want to join mee?



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