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Straight of Gibraltar…and Cadbury Chocolate

November 6, 2011

Last Monday I went to bed at 5am last night, woke up at 9 am……and went to Gibraltar! I was passed out in the back seat for most of the ride there, so I don’t remember the scenery, but I woke up at the border town of La Linea, Spain where you cross to go into Gibraltar.  We parked the car for free in Spain, and walked over the airport runway, passed through customs, and into the infamous British territory of…Gibraltar! It was exciting entering a whole different ‘country’ with in the country of Spain.  The best part was there were english speakers everywhere…. I could understand what the fuck people around me were saying!!!!!! It was a miracle, it felt amazing, I mean, I was ecstatic! Shortly after we entered, we stumbled upon the oldest bar of Gibraltar called the ‘star bar’ and we all ordered fish and chips for lunch! It was my first fish and chips, although chips really mean fries, and the fish is fried, but oh so delicious!  I was happy with my meal.  It was great to read a menu and know all the food items on the menu, my god, they had chicken wings! I haven’t seen that since August when I was in the states.  Anyway…..enough about the restaurant, the scene was a very interesting sight to behold.  As we were walking on the street you would here people talking in Spanish, and then the next sentence would be in British english, it was insane, weird and so interesting all at the same time.  One of the things Gibraltar is known for is duty-free products, anything from alcohol, to perfume.  My roommates bought booze, and I loaded up on the Cadbury chocolate and clinique face wash (which is very expensive in Spain).  I discovered my love for Cadbury, when I ate an entire chocolate bar that weighed almost a pound.  It was seriously the size of my face, but I was throughly enjoyed the entire thing! Gibraltar is known for the famous rock of Gibraltar, which takes up a large portion of the small space of land owned by the Brits.  From the top of this rock you can see Africa, and there is also a lot of monkeys at the top, who will take your food, so be careful! This rock is a major tourist attraction, because of the view of the straight of Gibraltar, the monkey’s, and there is also a world-famous cave where they discovered the first ever skull of a Neanderthal, and they also found evidence of tools left behind from our distant evolutionary cousins.  I guess the evidence left behind is about 30.000 years old, which means they co existed with humans for close to a millenia.  Pretty crazy, I know, and I’m probably geeking out too much for this blog.  I am fascinated by the history, and all that geeky stuff so forgive the history lesson.

Anyway….our day at Gibraltar ended with far well drinks at a fancy lounge on the water front, where business men gathered to talk about business stuff.  haha  It was so nice and relaxing to be sitting down, conversing about the yachts on the water front, and dream of one day owning a yacht parked in the bay of the Mediterranean Sea that is the size of my house.

Can’t wait to go back to Gibraltar and stock up on more Cadbury chocolate!



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