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Granada….lots of hippies!

November 6, 2011

hey folks,

I know it’s been a while, and I have gone on some adventures in between time…. the first stop was Granada!!! It was so exciting to drive through the country side to get there, because in between the bigger cities, there are several small white villages scattered throughout the landscape; on the cliffs, in valleys, along the countryside.  It’s quite the beautiful scene to behold.  When I finally arrived in Granada to meet up with my friends in the Plaza Nueva, it was very exciting to feel like I was in a city again!!! Moving from NYC to Arcos is quite the change of pace, and I miss the cosmopolitan, vibrant energy that a city has to offer.  It felt comforting to be in a more populated area, with taxi’s, shops, city centers, and cafe’s everywhere!  Granada has a very hippy vibe, an arabic feel, and a distinct energy….and I think it’s mostly because of the large hippy population, in combination with the Moorish architecture.  There were hippies gathered in groups selling crafts at the plazas where the tourists go, there were hippies playing guitar in the parks with their dogs, there where hippies walking the street and in the cafes, they were everywhere!!

I had one fully packed day to wonder around the city with a guy that I met through my program who was also visiting Granada, and we walked all over the city.  One of my favorite areas in the city was the old town Albayzin district, which is located uphill, at a higher elevation with amazing views of the Moorish palace, which is called the Alambra.  It was exciting walking up the winding streets to reach the old town, and well worth the hike for the views at the top.  There were parks, plazas, and restaurants all throughout the district, and we stopped to have a smoothie, and listen to this all girl flamenco band jam out on the street.  It was an unforgettable atmosphere, with people all around enjoying the lovely scenery on a breezy, fall Saturday afternoon.  I didn’t go into the little shops which we passed while walking around the city, because I knew I couldn’t buy anything so I didn’t want to torture my self, but if I get back to Granada I will check them out! They looked like they had a lot of nice leather bags hanging along the walls and in the windows, so it might be a good place to go back to and get a good bag.  (i love bags!)

Another great thing about visiting the city, was staying with people who are from there, it made the trip a lot smoother, because they knew their way around to all the bars and clubs to go dancing to at night! The best way to travel is with the locals!!! The nightlife is obviously more lively compared to my village, so I took advantage of dancing all night long while I was staying in Granada!  Oh oh, and another really, REALLY cool thing about Granada is when you go into any tapas bar, if you order ANY drink, you get to choose a free tapa! For example; I ordered a coke, and got to pick a free appetizer from the tapa board menu on the wall! It’s a great way to get your dinner in for free! I hope someone can find this information helpful if they ever go to Granada, because it was free advise passed on to me while I was visiting!

Overview:  The views, oh the views are amazing! The city is surrounded by the sierra nevada mountians, so it’s the coldest city in the south of spain, bring a coat in the fall!

Eat free tapas with your drinks!

Take lots of pics!

Love free, cuz the city is full of hippies!

that’s all peeps.

Pics coming soon…xx


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