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Spanish FOOD! get jealous

October 31, 2011

My stomach is very sensitive to new foods, and it has taken me about a month to adjust to the food here.  Also, it has taken me this long to figure out what things I like to order, and what food I like to eat.  Of coarse, this is a continuous process, but I am discovering great Spanish food that I love!  While I was traveling yesterday I had a fun-filled day ordering food and tapas! My morning started out at the bakery and I ordered a spanish pastry with ceama in the middle.  It had powered sugar on the outside, and the pastry was pretty sticky on the outside, and the bread was a good consistency between flakey and puffy (kinda hard to describe).  Followed by the bakery I sat in the cafe at the train station, while waiting for my train and drank two cafe con leche’s.  A cafe con leche is espresso with steamed milk.  They are so smooth, and I can drink them so quickly, so I had to drink two, not to mention I was going on about 4 hours of sleep from dancing all night long the night before.  When I arrived to Seville from Granada, I had a lay over and had 4 hours to pass before I could hop on the next train, so I got tapas!  I ordered croquettes and carne con tomate.  Yum!! The carne con tomate is literally meat with tomatoes.  The meat was so tender, and you can pull it apart very easily.  The tomato sauce combined with the meat was a killer combination.  In case your wondering what croquettes are they are a deep fried roll typed thing usually with potatoes, and any veggie or meat combo you can think of! They are great, and in one tapa for 2 euros of get 5 of them! That’s the other thing, the tapas are soooooooo cheap, and so good! My whole bill at the tapas restaurant was 4 euro! Talk about the good life, cuz I’m living it, enjoying it, and grateful for every bite!

When I arrived home to Arcos from Seville, my roommates said they were going out for Tapas for our friend Cece’s Bday celebration! So I got ready and we met the ladies at a local restaurant in the center of Arcos.  I really enjoyed this one tapa with bread, carmelized onions, cana de cabra (goats milk cheese) topped with walnuts…OMG, heaven!!! The spinach and pine nut croquettes were great as well! Lastly, for dessert we got this vanilla ice cream, which had this crispy crust on the outside, and chocolate mouse on the inside with the ice cream, and we also tried the chocolate souffle.  What a perfect way to end my day out for tapas.  It was nice to get paid and treat my self out to eat for the day!




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