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October 12, 2011

Occupy Wall Street… I’ve heard from several pod casts and articles on the internet that people seem to have their own agenda with the protesting that has originated in lower Manhattan, and there doesn’t seem to be ONE, unified message from the protestors.  Even though I am living in Spain, I am there in spirit joining the movement.  From my own perspective, this movement is representing power to the people, and this movement for me is about standing up and saying, “NO, We do not stand for corporate GREED. We do not stand for inequality.  We stand for a more just society, we stand for equality and the principles this country stands for.”  Growing up in a generation that is ruled by corporations, it is hard to discern and realize just how much corporations run America.  They are not taxed, they lobby, they have money, and they have power to influence our government.  This simply means that the general population has less say, and that the rich and powerful rule America, more or less.  When it comes to money I guess there are no morals, because of greed.  GREED, GREED, GREED! This movement for me is about staying informed, and standing against corporations paying no income taxes, while the rest of the American population who makes $60,000/year gets taxed 25%.  I don’t think the majority of Americans agree with the policies and laws that are being made, and this needs to stop.  The occupy wall street movement for me is about representing the MAJORITY of the American people, and standing up for democracy and humans needs.

This movement for me is about the future generations…I must stay informed.  Stay aware.  Be curious.  Stay hopeful.

I stand for clean energy.

I stand for ending the war.

I stand for taxing the rich and corporations.

Thank you to all the people in my life who inspire me.

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