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October 10, 2011

12pm- depart from Arcos to la playa

As soon as we begin driving my Spanish friend asks me if I’m up for a major “Adventura” because he apparently has no idea where the beach is located. My stomach starts to get a little nervous, becuase I can not communicate with this person very well, and I too have no fucking clue where the beach is. We continue driving through the beautiful country side of Andalusia, seeing the neighboring “pueblos blanco” (white villages). The scenery was beautiful and the further and further we drove through the mountains, I wasn’t even concerned when we would reach the beach, cuz I was taking in the view.

2pm- We FINALLY arrived at la playa. It was a very tranquil beach because it was in a rather small town. Oh oh but it gets better…I saw there was a lighthouse in the distance so we decided to walk over to the lighthouse, and as we approached the light house we could see a two different beaches on the other side! One of the beaches had really loud music, and lots of people, so we decided to join the party. On this beach in the middle of nowhere, we found a Sky Surf competition sponsored by Red Bull. The competition featured other countries from Europe as well, and I guess this sky surfing is a pretty big deal because there were helicopters flying around getting live shots/footage. I had never heard of sky surfing, and it is similar to surfing, except the surfer is attached to a kite that flys them around. It’s the new version of wind surfing, way more intense, wayyy more FUN! The really cool thing about these beaches we found on our adventura was that it was really south, so you could see the distinction of the waters, one beach being the mediterranean sea, and the other beach with rougher waters was the atlantic ocean. It was fairly windy, which is why I’m assuming the sky surf competition was held there, because it has an ideal natural windy climate.

the OCEAN was beautiful

the VIEW was amazing

the breeze, the smell, the sound of the waves were magical….

The tranquil water of the mediterranean was refreshing as we laid by the beach for an hour, and swam in the water before returning home…

back up the coast, through the mountains, through the white villages in the country side, through the cities of Caidz and Jerez, and finally back inland to Arcos.

Me encanta adventuras…till next time 🙂




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