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School days, blue days, and sick days

October 7, 2011

Hey hey,

I started my teaching job this week.  For the most part it consisted of observing the class room, and how the different teachers operate.  So far so good.  I also started taking Spanish classes at a language school, and that has been challenging, and overwhelming.  The cultural change has been hard to adapt to on a mental level, but physically I have not felt well since arriving in Europe.  The Spanish weather is so HOT here, and the food is very different (lot’s of frito).  My stomach is apparently very sensitive to the food here, so I’m scrambling to learn how to cook.  haha I hope in a month or so my body will adjust to the food and the climate and I will regain my normal energy level.  I am still trying to figure out what I will be doing with all my free time as well, because I want to put it to use constructively.  I really like biographies, and I was thinking of pre ordering the Steve Jobs book that is coming out in two weeks.  The biography is based on two years of interviews from Steve Jobs, and it has interviews from his friends and family as well.  Another biography I am interesting in reading would be the biography of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf which is titles ‘This child will be great’.  Ellen Johnson Sirleaf just own the Nobel Peace Prize, and is the first African women to be elected as president of Liberia!! Both of these people seem remarkable, and I am excited to read their stories.

I would be interested in some historical american literature, any ideas?? LMK!!!!


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