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Feria in Arcos de la Frontera

October 5, 2011

The Feria in Arcos is a non stop 5 day/night party once a year, to celebrate the saint San Miguel.  Today is the last day of the fair, and I’m sure Arcos will go back to the quite town it was before Feria.  On the first day of the fair I went out to lunch with my co workers from the school, and we ate at one of the restaurants tents inside the fair.  The food was mediocre, but the 5 hour lunch was entertaining.  The Spanish like to dine slow, especially during lunch and they like to party all night long.

The people like to get very dressed up for the fair, and some of the ladies go dressed in traditional flamenco wear.  The dresses are beautiful, and they all have lovely flowers in their hair that usually match the color of their dress.  I did not have the fortune to wear a traditional flamenco dress, because they can cost up to $200 euros/dress! Dios Mio! However, it was fun to see the women wearing the different dresses, as well as the little girls all dressed up.

Every night during the fair we went out at 11ish, and didn’t get home until 3am.  It has been an intense couple days of dancing all night long.  There are several different tents side by side that ALL blast music, which sounds like they play the same 3 songs in rotation.  2 am is still very early, the Spaniards party late, with their whole family, parents, kids and children.  It’s so crazy to see 3 year olds out that late, but it’s completely normal here.

At the Feria I ate some churros, and had some cotton candy! Both were very BIG portions and very yummy! At the feria it was also great to hang out with the other english teachers, as well as meet other people living in Arcos.  It was a fabulous introduction to the town, and the people.

An interesting year awaits…..xx

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