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Spanish food

October 2, 2011

The discovery process thus far of the Spanish cuisine has been a challenge.  I am realizing that I am a very picky eater, and it’s been difficult to find things I really like to eat because my body is very sensitive to the environmental adjustment, as well as the food adjustment.  It’s sooo hot here all the time, so it’s hard to tell when I’m hungry.  I really like grilled chorizo, cafe con leche, and the manchego cheese is good as well.  I have not tried their gelato yet, in fear that it won’t compare to Italy and I don’t want to be disappointed.  For breakfast they eat baguettes with jam which is very good as well.  I am very weary of octopus, pork, and some other forms of deep fried cuddle fish so those are a few items I have not tried.  Another very common thing at every restaurant is olives with every meal.  Every restaurant has different olives, some I have liked and other I have not, mainly because of the olive juice.  Some taste like they are marinated in weird meat juice, and it’s taste disgusting to me.  The patata bravas very from restaurant to restaurant as well, and they usually have a mayonnaise based dipping sauce with the potatoes.  I prefer ketchup, but I am learning to adjust.  Another common menu item is sandwiches with Jamon.  Jamon is HUGE here, and it’s on every sandwich, with different combinations of other meats, and cheese’s on the sandwich as well.  I am discovering I like very plain, simple items with ham and cheese, that’s it! The less ingredients, with FRESH produce/meat the better for my stomach.

I am learning that in order to satisfy my taste buds I must begin to learn how to cook the foods I like.  Finding the supermarket, and the little corner stores close to my casa has been pretty easy, however trying to figure out when they are open has been very difficult because the Spaniards take siesta, and shut down the entire town on Sundays.  I am slowly learning how to adjsut to the time schedule that they operate on, which is VERY laid back.  Navigating my way though the large super markey has been interesting.  There is no peanut butter!!!!!!!! NO ME GUSTA, but they do have nutella, which is very cheap.  Most items are 1 euro, even for all the produce, which is great for cooking!  My roommates and I are going to start a dinner club, and begin our cooking extravaganza!

Let the cooking begin! Oy

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