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The beach at Cadiz

October 1, 2011

Today I took the bus from Arcos to Cadiz. It was $12.50 euros round trip, but well worth the money when I arrived in the center of Cadiz about a block from the beach. I left at 8am, and arrived around 9am to Cadiz. It was beautiful, the ocean breeze, the moorish architecture, the winding streets, the cafe’s along the board walk, and the cabana’s on the beach. The beach was not that populated, so it made the beach feel very wide, and BIG. The waves were fairly big, and I guess it’s the best place in the south of Spain for surfers to go. I had a cafe con leche in the plaza by the cathedral. Shortly after I walked around the winding street and explored the shops. Even when you have no money to spend on clothes, it’s still fun to look around. However, I didn’t find any items that I would have bought, because in this hot weather the less clothing I have on the better. haha everyday is 88-90 degrees, and sunny. I have the best tan that I’ve had in years, and it makes my skin feel like it’s glowing!! I had lunch at a restaurant on the board walk, and I thus far, I have not liked the Spanish cuisine 😦 lots of fried food, olives that are usually marinated in weird tasting juice, lots of ham, octopus, and pig.) The croquettes’ are good, and I have had only some mediocre tasting patatas bravas. I am going to need to learn to cook, because I have been spoiled with my Mothers cooking. Basically…what this comes down to was my dissatisfaction with the lunch in Cadiz. The best part was swiming in the ocean after lunch. The water was soooooooo salty, really blue, and I seaweed was moderate, but managable. In europe there are a lot of topless women everywhere, and I can really appreciate the comfort level in regards to their sexuality. Everything is soo relaxed in the South of Spain, the people, the culture, the way of life, and it makes you really sit back, enjoy the day, and celebrate life. It’s a really good thing I have to travel my bus to get to the beach, because I don’t think I would get anything done! I already am dying to go back, but I guess I will have to wait until next Friday. This is the Life!!!!!! Cheers xx





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  1. October 2, 2011 2:40 pm

    I love these views! Thak you for sharing!

    • October 3, 2011 3:01 pm

      thank you for your comment, I’m glad to know people are reading the blog!

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