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travel advice…and what can go wrong

September 29, 2011

Wow…getting my bags checked with Ryanair was a fucking headache.  Just in case anyone decides to travel with Ryanair, don’t bring excess baggage, it will cost you ALOT of money.  ALOT! No me gusta.  I have learned a couple of things about traveling thus far so I wanted to share with you:

Travel Tip #1:  Bring half the baggage and DOUBLE the money you think you will need.  It’s so expensive to travel.  Also, its super stressful having no money in a foreign country. lol

#2: stay with people you know if possible, they will show you around, and you won’t have to pay for hotels.

#3: when staying with people make sure you leave a thank you card, and always leave the place the same way you found it.

#4: learn the language, and if you don’t know what going on, SMILE!

#5: Also, each culture does things differently, so what might seem rude to you, might not be rude in their culture.  For example in Spain their customer service is sooooooo different.  They do not talk with you, or chit-chat, they simple take your order, and don’t come back to the table unless you call them to.   You could be sitting at your table for hours if you expect the server to bring your check to the table, that is something you must ask for.

#6: You must ask for water, they will not automatically give it to you.

#7: speaking of water, drink ALOT of bottled water, traveling makes you VERY dehydrated, and you don’t want to get sick and deal with the hospital system in another country.  it sucks, believe me.

#8: On the plane, chew gum to pop your ears, and take airborne.

#9: Don’t forget to buy a plug converter for your electrical devices.  It sucks having your laptop die, and not being able to plug it in and write your blogs.

#10:  Get a skype, do google chat (it’s only .1 cent a minute).  and DO not make any collect calls from your hotel, they will charge you, EVEN THOUGH IT’S FREE FOR THEM!!!!

#11: oh, oh even though the airlines says it will charge you for your bag being overweight and anything over 50 lbs, will be $60, there is actually a limit to the weight, and anything over 70 lbs, will be considered over the overweight limit and then they will charge you $150.00.

#12: if worse comes to worse and you must go to the doctor, the medical system in Europe is wayyyyyyy cheaper than the US, so a visit will cost you know less than $200 euros, and that’s including if you have to see a specialist.  so that’s a relief.

#13:  take notes of what you did every day as reminders.  My mind is fucked (as Gabe would say) hahahaha

#14: don’t be stressed, everything will work out, time to enjoy the day!

#15; Also, if someone is following you, go on a main street, into a bar, and tell the bar tender.

Mmmmm…..these are some of the things I have learned thus far in my travels and the problems I have facced, so they may help you, or you.  Anything else I can help you with, just ask.  xx




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