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Seville, Espana!!!

September 29, 2011

The first two days in Seville were a mess.  I had been experience dizziness in Italy, and it was getting worse, so by the time I got to Seville and was STILL dizzy, I knew something was wrong.  I ended up having to go to the hospital with a woman from the teach in spain program I am in, who took me in order to translate to the doctor what was wrong.  No one at the hospital spoke english, so hadn’t I had a translator I would have been fucked.  After the hospital visit, I walked out with 6 pills, and two nasal sprays.  It turns out my inner ears experienced extreme trauma from the pressure of the flight, and I was having effects of vertigo.  So the meds I am on are to get my ears back down to a regular pressure, which could take up to a month.  😦

Even though I was not feeling well in Seville, I tried to get out as much as possible.  After living in NYC, navigating any city seems manageable, so I am grateful for my experience there.  However, in Seville, everything is centered around a city center, which is a large circle in the middle, so the streets can be tricky, and they are all EXTREMELY narrow.  Also, the side walks are not pedestrian friendly, because the majority of the sidewalk, is actually a bike path, that walkers cannot walk on, which leave almost no space left to walk.  I also discovered the Starbucks here do not have black coffee, or iced coffee.  The closest thing to regular coffee is an Americano.  My coffee of choice now is cafe con leche, or instant coffee that I make at home.  The most beautiful sight to see in Seville is the Plaza de Espana, it was amazing! there are bridges over water, with a fountain in the middle and buildings around the exterior.  The tile work is so awesome, and it is such a cool park to chill at and relax, you can grab a drink, and take in all the inspiration.  The city is quant, the people seem so relaxed, and the heat makes the days so long.  The sun doesn’t come out until 8:30 am, and doesn’t go down until 9pm.

Another favorite part of Seville was the flamenco show! Oh. My. Goodness.  There are three performers, a singer, a dancer, and a guitar player.  It was fun, and the energy felt intense, very intense.  The costume of the dancer was a very significant part of the dance, and she changed dresses a few different times throughout the performance.  I really hope to take some flamenco classes, and see some more shows in Jerez.

Pictures coming soon…..xx

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