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Arcos de la Frontera, Espana

September 29, 2011

I have finally gotten settled in my town where I will be living the next 9 months.  Arcos is a pueblos blanco “white village”, that sits on top of the cliffs in the south of Spain.  It is more beautiful in real life than in pictures and tourist from all over Spain, travel here to stay in Arcos, and take in the view!  Apparently, it is the second prettiest white village in the south of Spain and Ronda is the first.  My first week here I have been getting acquainted with the town, how to find the supermarket, the corner store, the coffee shop, and the local bars.  I have figured the best way to get to know the locals will be if I become a regular, so I have already found my favorite coffee shop, and restaurant.  There is this really cool Moroccan lounge, with great drinks, teas and huka.  I have been going there for a tea in the evening, and I met a really nice server who wants to start a meet up with english and spanish speakers to practice english and spanish together.  here in Spain they call those meet ups, which are usually held in bars intercambia.  I hope to attend two meet ups a week to improve my spanish.  I have met lots of other language assistants in my town who are mostly from America, so it is challenging to practice speaking in Spanish, but we are all determined to learn.

A girl from Philly, who has been living here for the past five years works at a language school and there are a group of language assistants who will be taking spanish class from the language school she works at here, so I hope that will also improve my spanish.  I am probably the worst out of the group, so I REALLY need lessons. haha

Even though the town is small, there is everything you need, except an ikea, BUT all the house are fully furnished, so it’s unnecessary.  Jerez is the biggest city in the Cadiz province, and there is bigger stores and malls there.  Arcos has alot of bars, but no clubs to go out dancing, so I guess you have to go to Jerez for that as well.  (it’s about 20 min from Arcos by bus) I am still in the exploring phase, and have not gotten to know many locals, so I will let you know what the people are like when I can speak spanish. LOL


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