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>Head + Heart= Success

July 1, 2011

>Earlier this summer I got a serving job so I could save money before moving to Spain. This job was strictly for financial reasons, with no emotional attachments involved. Two days ago I was fired for being late. I didn’t have any passion for the job so was not upset by the fact that I can never work there again, but I did have feelings of financial insecurity with regards to saving money for Spain. Shortly after getting fired, it occurred to me where I went wrong. I realized I was expending my time and energy into a job only for money, and it was evident in my performance. Then and there I decided to write down my goals. I asked my self What do I really want to do? How can I make money doing what I want to do? It was obvious I didn’t want to spend my time in energy in areas of my life that are not satisfying. After identifying what I want and didn’t want I started to make a plan to get there. I am now aware the only person standing in my way, is me and I need to start believing in my goals, and dreams again.

Moral of the story: I must combine my Head with my Heart and figure out how to make a lucrative career out of what I enjoy doing. I know, for me that is the only way I will be successful. End of story.

Hope someone can gain something out of this realization, just thought I would share how my failure became my strength.

Peace and Love,


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