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June 26, 2011

>Hey hey,

As I prepare for my trip to Spain I thought I would share some international travel tips with anyone out there who decides to read my blog.

Tip #1: Check visa regulations
Tip #2: Make sure you get any medications you take from your pharmacy in advance before leaving the country
Tip #3: Type out important information including: passport number, address of destination, and phone number. Print out sheet and laminate the sheet (put copies in your wallet, suitcase, etc.)
Tip #4: Use BRIGHT Baggage ex: lime green, hot pink
Tip #5: always pack zip lock baggies for storing various items
Tip #6: put fabric softener sheet in your bags to keep your clothes smelling fresh!
Tip #7: Pack medication in your carry on bag
Tip #8: hand sanitizer is a must!
Tip #9: use the Universal Packing List site to figure out items you need to bring for your trip
Tip #10: good rule is to go with a single color scheme and add accessories to go along with the clothes

these are my Top 10 tips for traveling, and I will share with you more as my departure approaches. I will also have some fun diagrams that you can use as templates to document your travel experiences that I will share with you all in the next blog! If anyone is reading this please add input. I would really appreciate any travel stories, or tips from ANYONE!

Peace and Love,


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