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>It’s what you DO that makes you who you are.

June 26, 2011

>I was thinking about who I am, what I am, and what I think of my self. I am sure the outside world has a totally different perceptive of who they think I am, verse what I feel I am inside my heart. I think the people in life that fulfill their destiny, have matched their insides with their outside reality. In order for me at this very moment to match what my visions are on the inside, I must take a look at my reality on the outside. What am I doing with my time? Where do I choose to out forth my energy? If I want to be a songwriter, I have to spend time writing songs. If I want to be a blogger I must blog. If I want to be in good physical shape, I must go to corepower yoga. But what stands in my way? I stand in MY way. The people and places I choose to surround my self with are the influences in my life that either discourage or encourage my passions, my talents, my goals, my dreams, my visions, and effect my overall well being. We must choose who we surround ourselves with wisely. You must be true to our self, and be around people that uplift and inspire you, and that you can freely give back too. I am grateful that I have BEAUTIFUL people in my life who inspire me, who support me, who nurture me and who LOVE me for who I really am. Nothing can compare to these relationships, and through my journey to make my inside visions match my outside reality, it feels great to know I’m not alone. I still have a long way to go, and along the way I will assess where my time and energy is going, and who I am spending my time with. Because if your not around people who love and care about you, what’s the point?

peace and love,

Morah Shay

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