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>Hiromi at the Dakota!

June 23, 2011

>On the evening of the first day of summer I took my Dad out to the Dakota to celebrate Father’s Day. I booked last minute tickets to see the jazz/fusion pianist Hiromi Uehara on a US tour of her 7th released album titled “Voice”. All I can say is WOW….what an inspiring performer! She was magnetic, her energy was so magical and pure and her presence elevated the mood of the room. At times her passion was displayed through her athletic aspect of her playing, and it made her performance all the more interesting to watch while she jumped up and down while playing the piano. It was refreshing to see a young women who was so into the music, for all the right reasons, and not in it for the spotlight. To any songwriters/artists out there, I would suggest checking out Hiromi! All of sales she makes off her new album will also go to Tsunami relief in Japan. So if you check out her music, and are on the fence as to get an album, BUY 3, it goes to a good cause.

Click here to watch a Youtube Video

Happy Belayed Father’s Day to all the wonderful Dad’s out there!



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